About Us

As sexual activity moves beyond the traditional “basic moves” days, the need for comfortable kama sutra and tantric sex positioning sex furniture is increasing. The Shellian Corporation is a manufacturer of innovative sex furniture designed for kama sutra positions offering enhanced bedroom sex adventure and tantric sex for couples seeking more with their adult bedroom sex.

Our products offer not only the benefits of comfortable sexual positioning, but a method of “foreplay” as well. With the ergonomic design of our products, lovers can enjoy the pleasure of sensual massage while adding an enhanced visual sensory experience to love making. Through the combination of sensual massaging touch, erotic visual enhancement, and physically stress-free sexual positioning, our products will add a tantric experience that will help you shed your inhibitions and elevate your relationship to new heights.

Our mission is to provide our customers with a more satisfying, sensual way to make love. Our business is for your pleasure!