Luvbed Deluxe includes the Pedestal and Vibratormate etc.

The Luvbed™ Deluxe is the ultimate in sexual and erotic massage furniture, it’s designed for happy endings. The Luvbed™ fits on the Pedestal at the perfect height and angle for energy efficient, male standing, weightless sex. Add the hands free Vibratormate™ to the Luvbed™ for a couple’s simultaneous orgasm during lovemaking. It is hard to beat that.

The Luvbed™ Deluxe package includes the Luvbed™, Hiphuggers, Breast viewing mirrors, Pedestal, Vibratormate™ and Eroscillator™ with ultra soft finger tip. Note. The Pedestal is a large piece of furniture, while the Luvbed alone is not.

Luvbed Deluxe Package — $1895

The Luvbed works on a bed or a flat surface.

The Luvbed™ works on a bed as a sexual and massage table designed to custom fit both lovers for the most comfortable lovemaking ever, bringing new exciting options and comfort to “doggy style.” The Luvbed provides the perfect sexual height, breast accessibility and visibility, plus it frees the male hands for additional erotic pampering during lovemaking. Press the optional Vibratormate (not shown in photo) into place on the Luvbed for the ultimate simultaneous orgasm during sexual intercourse. The Luvbed is 33 inches by 15 inches wide, it is discreetly storable.

  • Made with soft foam top for additional comfort.
  • Washable removable cover.
  • Solid hand crafted wood base works well on a bed, or fits onto the Pedestal for male stand up sex.
  • Breast cutouts for ultimate female comfort and easy male access.
  • Optional breast viewing mirrors for male visual titilation.• Open face cradle for easy comfortable breathing. Built to accept the optional Vibratormate.
  • Not only for intercourse, the Luvbed™ works well as a massage table for the bed, or on the Pedestal.
  • Supports her stomach to prevent noises and avoids his body weight from pressing down onto her.

The Luvbed — $495






Breast Viewing Mirrors

Enjoy the wonderful effect that gravity has on a woman’s breast when laying on the Luvbed, and it’s O.K. to stare because all four breasts are in their most perfect form in the two breast viewing mirrors.
The safety mirrors just slot into place, with no tools required. They arrive inside a fabric mirror pouch that fits onto the underside of the Luvbed™ top, for easy storage.

Breast Viewing Mirrors — $45

(The Pedestal)

The Pedestal lifts love off the bed to allow even better comfort for both partners during intercourse. It is a platform for the Luvbed and/or Spreadbed, sold separately or as part of one of the packages above.

  • Multiple height and angle adjustments are ideal for any couples different shape and sizes.
  • An energy efficient male standing sex position provides him more longevity.
  • Perfectly adjustable height for erotic massage and sexual intercourse.

The Pedestal — $1200

Hip Huggers

The HipHuggers are designed to fit the Luvbed™ so that a mans forward thrust does not push his lover forward and away from him. The HipHuggers help facilitate deep penetration in a comfortable way. The HipHuggers work with all the Luvbed’s angles and accessories (no tools required) and is especially helpful if couple prefers a steeper forward sloping angle.

Hip Huggers — $85



Spredbed Deluxe package

Sexual erotic massage furniture designed to enrich lovemaking. The Spreadbed enhances sexual comfort to allow for longer lasting intercourse Designed to take missionary position to the next level. Great on a bed or on the optional pedestal for the best experience. Also allows the use of the vibratormate for solo pleasure.​ This package includes pedestal as well as vibratormate.

Spredbed Deluxe package - $1895

Loverlonger™ Supreme package

The Loverlonger™ Supreme package includes all of the products from The Luvbed Deluxe package PLUS the Spredbed™ for weightless missionary style sex.

Loverlonger™ Supreme package — $2295